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Bedrock Human Foundation


Mission & Vision


To be recognized as a reputable youth development and empowerment organization in West Africa.


To eradicate poverty in rural communities in West Africa through the education and empowerment of underprivileged youth with the skills and tools for economic and social development.


1. To fight rural household poverty using Education, Skill acquisition for adolescents and youths in rural West Africa.

2. To engage in educational support-based activities such as scholarships, bursaries, sponsorship of skill acquisition programmes, aimed at the reduction of illiteracy level in Nigeria and West Africa in general.

3. To organize and sponsor programmes aimed at promoting Capacity Building and developing   Leadership capabilities amongst youth in West Africa.

4. To embark on ventures and collaboration aimed at creating employment opportunities to youths in rural areas through setting-up and providing assistance for SMEs.

5. To establish and support schools to educate less-privileged children/youth.

6. To provide basic materials and academic infrastructure in schools in rural areas.

7. To develop and implement innovative, capacity building programs aimed at empowering small-scale businesses towards sustainable wealth creation and economic development.

8. To collaborate with other relevant stakeholders such as local communities, government, charity organizations, schools, churches, orphanages, etc for the purpose of the above objectives.

9. To organize forums and workshops for the purpose of the above objectives with a view to creating public awareness on capacity development.

10.  To do all such other lawful things as are incidental to the development of human resource development and youth empowerment particularly in in Nigeria and West-Africa in General.

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